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…the blog

A blog dedicated to resourcing and equipping the small church and small town children’s ministry leader.

…the author

My name is Jared Massey and I am the associate pastor at Warsaw Assembly of God.  I have a degree in Children’s and Family ministry from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN.  I am married to a wonderful woman, Megan, who is a licensed teacher and currently a stay-at-home mom.  We have three children, two boys and a little girl. Even though I am located in a small church, I want to do big things for the kingdom.  I am here because I believe in the power of the local church, no matter its size, to influence the world with the Gospel.  My personal mission is to bring big city quality to the small church.

Besides being a pastor, I work for building mobile apps for businesses around the world.

…the church

When I say we are in a small town, I mean it. We have a population of around 1700. Our church is smaller still. We average right around 75 on a Sunday morning.  While I am a pastor at Warsaw A/G and blog about my experiences there, everything is this blog is MY opinion and not necessarily theirs (though I hope I reflect the church’s vision in everything I do, including this blog).