kid-and-dog-praying.jpg done image by Westley878

This Sunday, I found myself stumbling around during the response/prayer time at the end of my lesson.  I could barely find the words to say because what I was hearing was way better than anything I could think to pray.  I told the kids we were going to do silent prayer.  They would pray silently or very quietly while I prayed out loud.  Simple, right?  We’ve done this exercise before and it is always me praying and them sitting there maybe praying, maybe thinking about dinner or a new video game, but never, ever praying loud enough that anyone could hear them.  This Sunday was different. 

We have recently promoted next year’s kindergarteners into the kids’ church to help them transition over the much slower summer months.  There are two of these new kindergarteners.  I began to pray, “Dear God,” and that is all the farther I got.  I heard the sweetest sound in the world.  I heard this little guy say, “Dear God, I love you,” just loud enough that it could be heard, but reverently enough that others could pray.  And then he continued to speak with God.  Then, the girl next to him started to pray, just barely loud enough to be heard.  And then the others.  I fumbled around, trying to do my part to pray, but I could barely do it.  I just looked at my wife, and we smiled, because we knew that this was the most important thing that would happen all day.  These kids were shaking the foundations of hell.  Their prayers were simple, not repeated from an adult, but offered from their hearts.  They did not pray that God would give them vision for the future or that He would give them a financial miracle. They simply told their heavenly father that they loved Him. Their prayers changed me.  I believe those prayers changed eternity.  It all happened because we gave them a chance.  We slowed things down for 30 seconds to a minute.  No music, no games, no preaching, just prayer. 

Are you creating opportunities for kids to just meet with God?  I know we often miss creating those opportunities because it can feel awkward when only four or five kids are praying.  Most of the time, it just doesn’t happen.  Kids just look around to see if anybody else is looking around.  But this Sunday, it didn’t feel awkward.  It felt awesome! 

Serving Him together,

Pastor Jared