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I had an exciting opportunity this Sunday to incorporate tech into our kidmin programming.  Prior to Christmas, none of the kids in our ministry had cell phones.  Now, at least four of them have private lines.  When I realized this fact on Sunday, I also realized the opportunities this could create.  After obtaining permission from the parents, I text messaged each of the kids our theme verse for the month.  I also asked the parents for permission to text the kids occasionally to encourage them to incorporate our monthly virtue into their everyday lives (never during school hours, though wouldn’t it be awesome to remind kids to be kind during recess?). 

Some of you probably think this is a very basic incorporation of tech into kidmin, and you’re right.  But in the small town I live in, tech advances much slower than it does in most of the US.  You know when AT&T says they cover 97% of America, we’re in the 3%.  

With this little experiment of using texting to send the verses to our kids, I am also looking for the opportunities to do the same with the parents.  Do you do something similar with your kids and/or parents?  Let me know in the comments section.  I’d rather not reinvent the wheel.  But for those of you who are going to suggest Twitter, we’re not there yet. 🙂