Everyday, millions of children around the world have dads whose blogs do not get voted for in bracket style competitions.  This will likely have no impact on the child, whatsoever, unless of course that child’s dad was able to win the competition and take home and iPad 2.  It is sad, but true.  But today, you can make a difference by voting for this boy’s father and it couldn’t be any easier.

All you need to do is go over to ministry-to-children and vote for Small Town Kidmin blog in the Southwest Regional.  You may notice that included in that regional are some powerhouse blogs such as Jonathan Cliff and Kenny Conley.  Do not be alarmed, you may vote for up to four blogs in each regional so you can vote for a couple of those guys too.  Even though the competition just started, a couple people in each regional already have a commanding lead.  Let’s show them they shouldn’t get too confident.

Also, while you’re voting away, might I encourage you to vote for Kidmin1124, the group blog that I participate in.  Kidmin1124 is in the West Regional.

And before he takes over my comment section, I’ll just go ahead and ask you to vote for Dad in the Middle in the East Regional as well.  Wayne is a good friend and he runs a great blog and he is notorious for his shameless self-promotion during this event.

Remember, it’s for the children (at least for that cute child in the picture above and any future siblings he may have).