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Last night, my son was being bad.  I was trying to get in my workout and his mom had to do dishes because we had company coming over.  He was into everything he shouldn’t be.  He broke a picture frame by standing on it (fortunately, he was standing on the back and wasn’t hurt).  He was climbing on the step-stool even after being told no.  He was just being bad and ignoring everything I said.  So I said it louder and louder.  Finally, I picked him up and he pinched my face.  I’ll admit that I was getting angry fast.  He was upset, I was mad, and my wife was getting frustrated with both of us.

So I carried him into his bedroom and we rocked in his chair.  At first, he wasn’t too happy, but I sang to him.  Then I let him hold his teddy bear, Rufus, and then Rufus sang to him.  And he wanted more songs and I wanted to go exercise, but I sang…er…the bear sang and sang and sang.  And my little boy smiled.  And we put Rufus to bed and my son sang him a song.  He almost went to bed angry, instead, he went to bed smiling.

I missed my workout and I’m a better man because of it.  My son is better for it as well.  My little boy was being bad because he wanted my time.  He wanted me.  He didn’t care about my muscles, he cared about my minutes.

Parents, what are you putting before your kids?  Kidmin leaders, what is taking your attention from your students?