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It Changed Me. If you look at pictures of me before I left for Orange Conference and then pictures after I returned, you’ll notice something. I pretty much look the same. But if you were able to look at my spirit, you would see some drastic changes. What happened at Orange Conference to change me was a combination of all ten of the things I loved about it and was heavily effected by the people I met there and the things I learned. All of these influences combined to transform me into a new, better person than I was before.

Much of the post-Orange excitement and energy has begun to wear down. It isn’t as strong as it was when I got home. But the effect that Orange Conference had on my spirit is still evident. Sure, I’ve gone back to some old ways of doing things, but I’m certainly not the same person I was before.

This is one of the principal reasons I recommend the Orange Conference to you. Those personal victories that you can experience at Orange Conference can influence you and, by extension, your church for months or years to come. Don’t go to hear Reggie Joiner or Andy Stanley or go just because your friends will be there, go with the desire to see change in your life and ministry. When you come home, your skin may be the same color, but your spirit will be a little more orange.

If you’d like to experience the changes that can happen at Orange Conference first hand, I’m giving away a free ticket at noon (CST) today. Also, registration for the 2012 conference opened yesterday and the “you don’t even want to think about how early this bird is” early bird rate is in effect.

This post is part of Think Orange Week 2012.

Disclaimer: The free Orange ticket is provided by Orange and does not include travel or accommodations.

Orange is a financial partner of Small Town Kidmin.