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I’m still really excited that my friend Wendy, aka savedsister7, has thought of a way to get me to Orange Conference this year.  It’s fun to get an email from her with pictures of all the places I went and people I met.  I hope the flat version of me is handing out business cards so I can stay in touch with these folks.

Unfortunately, I’ve always struggled with a little bit of a fractured psyche.  I think it’s caused by too many years in puppet ministry and doing costume characters.  Either way, flat Jared is slowly taking on a personality of his own.  He even started his own twitter account, follow @flatjared.

Here’s some of his adventures from yesterday.  For the most part, he’s been pretty tame.  I’m not sure how long that will last.

Eating some dinner at Chili's

A little Orange Swag

Hanging with Barbara Graves and her team

With some Kidmin1124 friends

Meeting new friends. They look really excited!

Getting excited about Opening Session