Each year, the folks at Orange Conference organize bloggers to write from the event.  The list of all of the Orange Conference Bloggers for 2012 is available on the Orange Leaders Blog.  This list typically provides a plethora of great articles and links and each of the blogs is certainly worth checking out.  I don’t follow all of these guys on a regular basis, but do follow quite a few.

Their list is alphabetical, though, so I’ve reorganized it by topic.  Because my church is small and I have my hand in just about everything, I enjoy reading from each of these topics.  This may not be the case for everyone.  Some of these have a fair amount of crossover, but I tried to pick based on what they’ve blogged about most.  If I messed up, let me know so I can fix it.

And don’t forget to check out the Orange Leaders blog for updates on all the great stuff happening this week.

Student Ministry

Ben Kerns – AverageYouthMinistry.com

Ben Read – YouthMin.org

Tom Pounder – MinistryBlackboard.com

Tom Shefchunas – Uthmin.net

JC Thompson – JCIsOnline.com — Preteen

Michael Bayne – MichaelBayne.net

Ryan Millard – RyanMillard.com

Terrace Crawford – TerraceCrawford.com

Children’s Ministry

Amy Dolan – LemonLimeKids.com

Cass Brannon – CassBrannan.Wordpress.com

Jonathan Cliff – JonathanCliff.com

Kenny Conley – ChildrensMinistryOnline.com

Matt McKee – MattMckee.me

Matt Norman – Kidmin1124.com

Jenny Funderburke – JennyFunderburke.com

Joe McAlpine – JoeMcAlpine.com

Nick Blevins – NickBlevins.com

Special Needs

Amy Fenton Lee – TheInclusiveChurch.com

Tonya Langdon – Kidmin1124.com

Shannon Royce – ChosenFamilies.org


Amanda White – ImpressYourKids.com

Dustin Valencia – AbrahamChronicles.com

Paul Mannio – OrangeDad.com