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The popular Apple iPhone slogan is now a kids’ ministry curriculum.  If you are looking for a fun and relevant curriculum to use in your kids programming, take a look at the “There’s an App for That” series at Children’s Ministry Deals.  There are a variety of apps/lessons to choose from and since they are sold separately, you can pick and choose which ones you’d like.

app for that cmdeals
One of the more popular lessons is Angry Words, a lesson based on the wildly popular Angry Birds game.  Here’s a summary from their site.

Angry Birds- the perfect, simply addicting game to take up hours of time and fill endless road trips.  Often our words become very similar to the bird grenades in this game. What we say has an effect on the people we speak to.  When we say unkind words to our friends or family there are consequences.

Some words just sting a little (red bird)

Some words cut (yellow bird) 

Other words can hurt a group of people (blue bird) 

And still other words can devastate everyone around us (bomb bird)

In this lesson, students will discover what James has to say about the power of our angry words and will learn the power of words filled with love.

Other app/lesson options include “Fruit of the Spirit Ninja,” “Maps,” “Instagram: A Decision Can Be Worth a Thousand Consequences,” “Shazam: Recognizing the Voice of God,” and more.

Each lesson is $25 and is immediately available for download.  You will receive the lesson, game, skit, object lesson, memory verse cards, icebreaker, small group discussion, summary, take home sheet, and a Powerpoint.  As an added bonus, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.