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Do you think environments matter? Look around you and think about the environments you immerse yourself in. Some of us like to sit in a great spot and enjoy a cup of coffee. We light candles in our homes to fill our spaces with the unique smells of the season. We paint walls in our rooms and offices certain colors with intention. We surround ourselves with art and decorations that have special meaning to us. My teenagers cover the walls of their rooms with posters of their favorite sports heroes and musicians. We all manipulate our environments in an effort to make ourselves comfortable. Environments affect our moods, our work production, and our ability to focus-essentially, our well being.

candlesEnvironments matter. Your ministry environments matter. What happens inside your ministry walls is important to your environment. Your volunteers and staff play a critical role in establishing an environment that is welcoming and nurturing. Your walls and spaces play a role as well.

In my role at Worlds of Wow, walls are a very significant ministry focus. I served for many years as a volunteer and as a staff member. I was aware that environments were important but small groups, curriculum, budgets, etc often upstaged focusing on the physical spaces of the ministry areas.

I visit with fantastic ministry leaders and pastors every day who realize the importance of their environments. Kid Pastors are often given the task of creating plans on how to improve the environments of kid spaces but being a general contractor is not always our strong suit! There are many things we can do to improve our environments. I am excited to share ideas on improving environments here with my Small Town Kidmin friends!

Be sure and stop by every Wednesday. We will talk about cleaning schedules, stage designs, classroom organization ideas, ideas for adding color, really-all things environment! I will share pictures and how-tos. From time to time, I will ask you to share some pictures too! Keep in mind all our ideas will be Big City quality for the Small church!