Every week in our student ministry, we show a random YouTube video. These are usually super silly videos. They range from being super current and viral to an obscure video found in the back corners of the Internet. I thought it might be helpful to someone to compile all of the videos we’ve shown into one list. I’m trying to go through the archives and find the ones I have shown and below is what I can come up with so far. I will be adding to this list regularly.

I do have some criteria for these. While they do not have to be Christian-themed, I make sure that these videos do not have any objectionable content, which includes innuendos, references to alcohol or drugs, and any foul language. I’ve even been known to reject videos that try to hard to skirt the language by throwing in a bunch of close, but not quite swear words. My basic test is, if I wouldn’t post this on my church’s Facebook page, I won’t show it in youth. I don’t actively search the video history of the original poster of the video, but I have been known to not show a video if all of their other videos are inappropriate.

The Llama Song (1:27):

Magic Carpet Ride (21 seconds):

Guy on a Buffalo (Episode 1) (2:02):

Guy on a Buffalo (Episode 2) [TOP PICK] (2:15): 

Guy on a Buffalo (Episode 4) (3:03): 

You Forgot Blueberries [TOP PICK](1:24): 

The Best Christmas Song [TOP PICK] (3:46): 

Dope Zebra (1:48): 

2 Guys 600 Pillows (Backwards) (3:25): 

The Overly Complicated Coffee Order (2:39):

The Duck Song (3:11):

It’s Raining Tacos [TOP PICK](1:33):

Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig) (58 seconds):

Spiral Cut Hot Dogs (36 seconds):

Pretty much anything by Dude Perfect