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For years, Jim Wideman has been a sought after speaker at children’s ministry conferences. His down to earth approach, Biblical insight, and good ole’ boy personality make him relatable. These also make him very quotable. Though he has written quite a few books on the subject of ministry and leadership, his newest release, Tweetable Leadership is sure to go down as one of his best.

Tweetable Leadership
What I Liked
I love the format of this book. It can easily be read as a whole in a short amount of time, but also is one that can be pulled off of the shelf over and over again. Since I’ve owned my copy, I’ve pulled it off the shelf multiple times just to read through a few quick quotes. Each chapter is based on a specific topic and is summarized by an article on that topic. It’s a very well thought out format and makes the book as visually appealing as it is content rich.
I also love the tone of the book. Even though it is comprised of over 500 quotes, it still maintains Jim’s sometimes snarky, always insightful approach to life, leadership, and ministry. You will be amazed at how a quote can simultaneously make you laugh and make you think. You will be even more amazed when it happens 500 times. The book is really like proverbs for kidmin.


What it Lacked
For all of the things this book hit right on the mark, it did lack one thing. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that one thing is. I just know from Jim’s advice that nothing this side of heaven is ever perfect, so I’m sure something is missing.


Final Thoughts
If you’re wondering if you should buy this book, the answer is yes. It’s design makes it a great coffee table book. If you have a volunteer work space or dream space, this book should be sitting out in that space. If you don’t have that type of space, you still want to make sure this is in your collection. I can say, without a doubt, this book is my favorite by Jim, followed up by Beat the Clock.
If you’d like to buy the book, you can find it at There are multiple packages available, so make sure you select the best one for your ministry.


If you’d like a free copy of the book, leave a comment below telling me your favorite quote by Jim Wideman. If you’ve never heard him speak, go to and find something there. I will select a winner on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 at noon central time. I have one physical copy of the book to giveaway and multiple digital downloads so there will be more than one winner.

Congrats to Bill Gunter for winning the giveaway via a random drawing. Check your email soon so that I can make arrangements to send it to you. Everyone else who commented will get a digital download of the book, so check your emails as well.


Disclaimer: I did receive two free copies of Tweetable Leadership in exchange for this review. Regardless, the words above are my personal opinion and I always strive to be objective in my reviews.