It was such an honor and a privilege to spend the end of last week with my wife at the AG Kidmin Conference. I believe that I was able to accomplish my goals.

My first goal was to meet new people and hear their stories. I focused on trying to talk less and listen more as well as asking some good questions of people. This is still an area I can grow in, but I found myself intentionally doing this and I made some really good relationships because of it.

Next, I wanted to reconnect with old friends. I did this way more than I expected and it was so much fun catching up with people. I spent so much time in hallways just hearing updates on friends that I’ve met along my ministry journey. This alone was worth the price of admission.

My third goal was to share wisdom during my breakout. I have received some GREAT feedback about my workshop and I believe it was a blessing to the people who were there.

Lastly, I wanted come away refreshed and renewed. I intentionally chose workshops that spoke to areas I saw the most opportunity for growth in our ministry environments, things like special needs ministry and helping kids deal with difficult emotions. These were both very insightful and I look forward to begin implementing my new knowledge.

Overall, I was blown away by what this conference did for me. As an Assemblies of God pastor, it was exciting to see our fellowship create something that was hugely beneficial to those within, but also had tremendous value for those from other denominations. I’m excited to see how the conference develops in future years and cannot wait to be a part of next year’s conference!