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I will be trying something new here. I am going to offer a weekend recap every Tuesday.  This will allow you to take a deeper look at the week to week of a small town kids church.  Please, feel free to comment and ask questions.  Why Tuesday?  Because I don’t want to do it on Monday.

This past Sunday was an exciting one, but a sad one at the same time.  It was exciting because we baptized six people, two of whom were children from our kids ministry.  It is always an exciting event in the life of a growing church to baptize individuals who you know have truly made a commitment to follow after Christ.

Although the excitement of the baptism was the highlight of my day, there was another thing that got much less attention but will have more of a direct impact on me.

Effective Sunday morning, I am no longer the elementary Sunday School teacher.  I can hear the weeping rising up around the world at this news, but fret not.  If you read my post, Trusting Your Volunteers, you know that up until very recently, I have taught every program that our elementary age students attend.  I am now sharing some of that responsibility on Wednesday nights, but I have completely given my SS class to someone else who will begin next week.

It is not that I don’t trust her to do a great job, but I’m really going to miss those kids.  SS is a different setting than anything else.  We hang out on beanbag chairs in our “clubhouse” and it is really a lot of fun!  I also know that the transition will be difficult for the kids.  Most of these kids had little to no church experience before coming to our church, so I am really about the only teacher they know.  There will certainly be a transition period for all of us.  I talked for a while with the kids about this.  I told them how I want them to treat their new teacher and I let the new teacher sit in on the class last week so they could get more familiar with her (in a church our size, everybody knows everybody, but I wanted her to see the dynamic of our class).

As for me, I am off to a new adventure, preschoolers!  I’m am not near as good with them now as I will be when they are six years old, but I am hoping to establish some trust and relationship with them that will carry as they grow into the elementary ministry.

My question is, how have you effectively transitioned new leaders in and out of your ministries?  Is there a process with your kids that you have used?