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Wow, what a busy weekend!  As I stated last week, I have transitioned out of my elementary Sunday School class and I am now the teacher of the preschoolers!  Anybody who knows me knows this is a stretch for me.  I love preschoolers.  I’m just not as good with them.  But, there was a need.  We had no preschool teacher and no one wanted to do it, so the best scenario we could accomplish was to have another leader lead the elementary ages and I would take the younger ones.  All in all, it was a good first week.  I was told that we need to do some more engaging things with them, so in two weeks I will be starting to do something that scares me even more than preschoolers, CRAFTS!

Looking at the larger picture, our church welcomed five new members on Sunday morning, all of whom have kids elementary aged or younger.  Our church has been very intentional about reaching young families these last couple of years, and we are seeing the fruit of that.  We are also seeing these members bring their friends and families, so before they became members they were already contributing to the growth of the church.  This thrills me to no end.

I think, above all, this should be the takeaway this week.  Building the Kingdom of God is a matter of relationships.  People come, they are discipled, they invite their friends and family, rinse and repeat.  Any advertiser knows that word of mouth is the single greatest form of advertising.  We have seen that come into play in our church.  Once they get to our church, we have ministries in place that are designed to build relationships.  Now, when they come they have a whole group of friends, not just the person that invited them.  Multiple times, people have said that they come to our church because it feels like they belong, like a family.  This is something that a small church can offer that is much harder to achieve in the megachurch.  Knowing this, we have invested a large part of our resources into those types of ministries.

I cannot express to you how important relationships are in any size church.  If we are serious about growth, we will be serious about relationships.