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I’m continuing my series on Celebrating the Win. After the win has been successfully defined, you then need to budget how you will celebrate it.  This can be as elaborate or as simple as your budget will allow, but you will want to plan it ahead.

When you are planning the event, budget in the amount of money you will need to set aside for the celebration or get a separate budget for this specific reason.  You may choose to pay for the celebration out of your own pocket, especially in a smaller church working off of a smaller budget, but you would want to plan this ahead too and make sure it fits into your personal budget.

I know this sounds really selfish to set aside some of the money for the event for a celebration, but I assure you, the celebration is very important.  Again, it does not have to be a lot, but it needs to be something.

Let me give a little more perspective here.  You will hopefully spend money during the course of your event to make it something people will want to come back for, either for next year’s version of the event or to come to your church following the event.  No one would find this selfish.  You should also not feel bad about spending a little money to make sure your VOLUNTEERS come back for the next event.

The first time I did a celebration as the pastor leading it, I did not even think to budget it in.  No one had taught me this principle.  I had no money left after the event and did not have the extra money in my personal checkbook at the time to do very much at all.  Fortunately, after the event was over, my church gave me a little bonus for the extra time and effort I put into the event.  I was able to use this bonus to take out the team for lunch.

I am not advocating excessive spending or selfish reasons to go out to a fancy dinner with just your spouse on the church’s dime.  What I am advocating is rewarding your team for a job well done and creating time right after the event where the team can reflect on the successes of the event in a fun atmosphere.