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Today I took this free personality test.  I think it captured who I am pretty well.  (Click here to see my results.)  While this is certainly not the best personality inventory available, it is completely free.  It is also short.  Only sixteen questions and takes all of ten minutes to complete.  I am thinking about having my volunteers take this test and emailing me their results.

It is important in ministry that we know what type of leader we are.  While I knew most of this about myself already, when it is on paper, it reinforces it to me.  When I am made aware of my own strengths and weaknesses, I then am able to make better decisions about how to build my ministry team.  I already have a wonderful wife who compliments me well, but even still there are areas where we neither one are strong.

Listen up small town leaders.  Even in the smallest churches, ministry cannot be done alone!  I’ve tried and you are never as effective when you work alone.  At first, when volunteers are few and far between, if existent at all, you must look outside your church and rub shoulders with others in ministry.  Bounce ideas off of them, use them.  As your ministry team grows, those outside influences remain important, but they take a different role. 

Now, I know this is easy for me to say because my personality is networking, but that does not mean that networking is unnecessary for you.  Just because I am not the most organized or have a tendency to overlook key details, doesn’t mean those things are not important.  The same is true for you and networking.  It is for this reason that I intentionally put people around me who are organized and who look at details.

If you are a networker, like me, don’t let everyone in your circle be networkers.  Find people who are organized and detail oriented to come alongside you.  Ask God to send you people who have these traits.

And if you take this short little test, feel free to send me your results!  Email is  I hope you find this test beneficial.

Serving Him together,

Pastor Jared