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I DID IT!  I did a craft with my preschoolers.  Nothing major.  A little coloring, a little cutting (I mostly handled this part), a little glue.  It was just a train and they each got to color their cars however they wanted and then I put them together to make a train.  It was fun and it was a valuable learning experience.  I learned SO MUCH about these kids by how they colored their pictures.  One kid in particular challenged my thinking.  He is very energetic and I did not think he would respond well to sitting and doing a craft.  Contrary to my belief, he spent the most time coloring his picture of anyone.  He went the extra distance, coloring in the finest details.  He stayed in the lines better than I did (though I must confess I am terrible at coloring).  When this kid’s energy is directed at a project, he can produce fabulous results.  Now, the challenge will be finding new ways to harness that energy and focus it in.

Beyond my experiences in preschool, I must once again brag on one of my volunteers.  We have a program for missions that the kids support.  This month we are having a little contest to help raise money.  The kids made projects that are to be voted on by the church people.  They vote with their money.  The projects are all sitting on a table.  Without being asked, the lady that helps organize this program brought in a simple tablecloth for the table.  Now, this may not seem like much but you would not believe the difference it made in the appearance of the table! 

I am admittedly not much of a detail person.  I have a tendency to say, good enough, and let it be.  But, here, someone saw a need, found a solution, and made it happen.  To me, that says that this person has taken ownership and when volunteers take ownership of projects, watch out!  They are capable of producing great results!

So the theme for this weekend was ownership.  When people take ownership in a project, they will most likely produce results even greater than our expectations.  The preschooler did that with his coloring project, the leader has done that with the missions project.  How can we continue to get our volunteers to take ownership?  How do we continue to teach the people in our churches that it is their church?