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It was one of those weekends. You know, where everything seems to be working against you. A lot went wrong and there was a lot of discouragement to be had. However, as is usually the case, if I focused on all that went wrong and all the discouraging things, I would have missed what God was doing.

God was at work on Sunday in hearts and lives. There were a few people who committed their lives to Christ for the first time and there were others who recommitted after having wandered from faith.

Those things are fantastic, but here is this week’s takeaway. While the adult crowd was good-sized, we were missing more than half of our kids. This can be very discouraging. However, if I don’t do my very best for the kids that are there, I make them less important. It does not matter if two kids show up or two hundred, we need to be willing to do our best. This week, we had a first time and a second time visitor (which was good because they helped bring our number up a little). I DO NOT want those visitors to miss out just because one of our regulars did not show up. I DO NOT want to make excuses to them as to why this week wasn’t our best, but next week will be better. I DO want them to get the same quality service they would get in a church of 1000 with the relationships that can only come in a small group setting. I DO NOT do the same service I would have done with a larger group because that would be awkward. I focus more on getting them involved in the lesson and question and response. To sum it up, I want the kids that were there to feel like it was worth it and I want the kids who weren’t there to feel like they missed something.

Serving Him Together,

Pastor Jared