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I want to share with you a couple of other links that may be beneficial if you were not able to attend Orange.

First, go to the live stream coming out of Orange.  Here is a link to the schedule.  And here is a link to the live feed.  This is one way to benefit from Orange, even from a distance.  (I made a passing mention of this great resource in my Blue About Orange post, but didn’t link to it.  Only realized after the fact that you guys might benefit from it even if I am not able to.)

Second, Jim Wideman tweeted a link to his notes from Orange.  While I have not had the chance to read through all of them, this is some really great stuff.  Do not miss out on this.  Here is the link and the password is orange10.  I hope me sharing it is okay with him, but once it hit twitter, it was made public.

I’ll try to send any more updates as I get them.  Hope this helps you all a little.