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What do Kenny Conley, Gina McClain, Sam Luce, Henry Zonio, Matt Guerva, Amy Dolan, and 27 other great minds in the kids’ ministry world have in common?  They are all contributors in a new resource that is going to be a must have for ANYONE working in Children or Family ministries.  The best part about it is…that it is a forward thinking, concise resource (and you thought I was going to say that it is free).  Wait, what?  They’re giving this thing away?  Can’t be.  You saw it on twitter?  Well it must be true!  That’s right, they are giving away a free digital copy of this book starting Monday, May 17, 2010.  Now, if you are one of those people that HAS TO have a print copy, it will be made available June 14, 2010 for a nominal fee that helps cover the production costs.

what matters childrens ministry

The people behind this project also want to thank Imago who donated resources for the design.

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I’ll to to post a better review and some links for the download on Monday!