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epic fail photos Spelling Fail

I hate to fail.  For me, failure is not an option.  I’m sometimes scared of new things because of my insecurities of the possibility of failure.  I often overanalyze things to the point of inefficiency because I am too scared to just try something.  And if something I try fails, it can have a devastating effect.

Once, I tried to repair the antenna on our family vehicle.  I read manuals and bought the necessary parts and set out to accomplish my feat.  I am not a car guy, but I thought I could take care of it relatively quickly.  It was a project that would take no more than a half hour.  Three hours later, I shamefully put the old, broken antenna back onto the vehicle.  I also had to put back an entire side of the car, because I had taken apart the dash and quite of few other things.  This ruined my entire day!  I know I should have stopped at some point before I got too far, but I could not accept failure.  Not only was I forced to accept that I could not fix this problem, I still think back to that moment as horribly devastating.

Unfortunately, I feel like this week has been a failure.  As I look back over the week, I realize the many areas that I failed.  I did not accomplish what I hoped to accomplish at my day job.  I did not accomplish my goals at the church.  I did not blog the one entry I have promised to blog on Tuesday of each week.  And most cuttingly, I was not a great father to my son and I failed to be the husband my wife deserves.  I even failed at the video game I ignored my wife and son to play.  You would think I would have finished the ONE task in the game I wanted to accomplish, but I did not.

Now, I’m not just writing this to complain or gain your sympathy.  I do not need that.  But there are two things I hope this little post achieves.  First, in ministry and life, we all fail.  While it is never the goal and while it is a painful experience, we need to know that it happens.  If you are reading this and can relate, I want to encourage you that you are not alone.

Secondly, and most importantly, failure should not be the end.  I’ve failed a lot this week, but I can dwell on that and fail again next week OR I can do something about it.  I can make this week’s failures next week’s successes.  I’m starting now.  I will not wait until Monday. 

To my wife: I love you and I promise you I’ll do better.  I will be a better help around the house and I will listen when you are speaking to me.  To my son: You are the cutest boy in the world, and we will play with toys and roll around and laugh as much as you want.  To my blog readers: I promise two posts minimum next week, my Tuesday recap (which I will make sure is good) and another that will be even better.  To my church: Know that this week you will be prayed over like never before.  To my God: Thank you for loving me, even when I fail.  I know that I let you down this week more than the others, and I’m sorry.  I will be the man you have called me to be and I will work to eliminate the distractions that have kept my focus from you and your plan for my life.  To my Xbox 360: You’re stupid.