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toilet-newThere are many things I love about being at a small church.  The facilities are not really one of them.  We have a really beautiful church.  It suffered major flood damage a few years ago and has since been repaired, so it is in pretty good shape.  But it was never really built to sustain a kids’ ministry.  When I got there, I had to just about beg just to be able to “take over” a corner of the fellowship hall.  I was given permission to do that and it has been a process of transforming that corner of the church into an exciting place for kids to worship and learn, but it is not without its problems.

First of all, to get to the nursery from the sanctuary, you have to go through our kids’ church (and I mean directly through it).  And for the kids in the nursery to use the bathroom, they have to go back through it.  If we had a stage in the front where I speak from, they would actually walk onto the stage.  Nearly every week, screaming kids go right through our kids area and it often happens right during the response time.  I know this sounds like poor planning on my part, but where we are is honestly the best place. 

Another thing that bugs me is that since we are in the fellowship hall and we serve breakfast on Sunday mornings, there are always tables set up in the only space we have to play games or do activities.  Our church has no yard, so unless we can play the game in the gravel parking lot, we have to try and keep things limited.  I could take the tables down every week and put them back up, but there would have to be a very quick turnaround because of the timing of our services.  Once in a while, I will make sure that the tables get taken down right before kids’ church, but more often than not I try to tailor the game to a smaller level or pick a game that takes less space.

There are other difficulties with the facilities, but the point of this little message is not to complain and gripe about what we do not have.  Let me tell you, ministry happens in our church, even without the fanciest facilities.  I hope to put up some pictures soon of what we have done to make our church an exciting place for kids.  We have taken the very little that we have and made it into something extraordinary.  I have seen better, for sure, but never in a church our size.  In my opinion, we have the best kids’ church in the area we live, and that is one thing that makes us unique.

I do not care what kind of facility you are working with, be it a basement, a fellowship hall, or a Sunday School room, you can make it exciting.  With a little creativity, much prayer, and a whole lot of leg work, you can make your ministry stand out.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and make something happen.  Anything.  Remember, Jesus worked with a whole lot less, but ministry happened because he went out and did something.

Serving Him together,

Pastor Jared