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In an attempt to better resource those of you working in children’s ministry, especially in smaller churches with more limited budgets, I am beginning a new project called, “Free Resource Friday.”  Every Friday, or most Fridays, I will offer a link to a resource that I have found valuable that is free. 

For the first FRF, I want to share with you way more than just one resource all contained in one resource (makes sense, right?).  If you head over to, you will find that Andy Johnson has already compiled a great list of FREE resources for children’s ministry.  Check this site often.  He usually adds a couple of things a week.  I also recommend going back through past posts.  The site has been up for a while and some of the older things are still really valuable.

If you have or know of a great resource that is FREE, use the contact me form and let me hear about it.

Serving Him together (which is a whole lot easier when things are free),

Pastor Jared