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A while back, the cutting edge free e-book, “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry was released.  It has seen tremendous success and a lot of discussion has flowed from it.  If you have not downloaded the book, do so here  If you have, but you would like to have a print copy, you can go here and purchase one for only $7.99.

Ever since this book was released, I have been trying to figure out what I would have chosen for my one word that I think is important to the near future of CM.  Since choosing a word, I have struggled to explain why I think it is important in only 200 words.  Finally, after many revisions, I present to you what I would have submitted to this project.


When God created the earth, He was intentional.  The Scripture says, He “formed,” which implies time spent working and designing.  Later David says, “You knit me together” or you designed me and to Jeremiah God said, “I know the plans I have for you.”  God never says, “Whatever happens, happens.”

I believe there is a great need in children’s ministry to be intentional.  Everything we do from the events we host, to the sermons we preach, to the way we use our resources, to the words we say should be dripping with intentionality.  There is a need to be intentional about reaching families in our churches and about ministering to our own families.  Christians do not just happen by accident.  They are the byproduct of God reforming a fallen man back into His perfect image.

Our role as leaders in children’s ministry is to intentionally create opportunities for God to work in the lives of the kids in our ministries as well as in their families.  Our even higher calling is to create opportunities for God to work in the lives of our children and our families.  It will not start by accident.  It will only start by being intentional.


And now, for some discussion.  What word would you have chosen?  How are you being intentional?  In what areas do you just go through the motions and hope something happens?