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advertWhen it comes to conferences, there are three things that always get in the way of me going.  Number one, the cost.  Number two, conferences are never held anywhere near where I live (because I live in the middle of nowhere).  Number three, they are usually during the week during business hours, meaning besides the expense of the conference and the travel, I also have to take a day or more off from my paying job.

Well, today’s free resource eliminates the first two of these excuses and attempts to solve number three as well.  I’m talking about the CM Telesummit, which takes place this coming Monday and Tuesday.  This is a free conference, but you have to register.  You can go here to register, here to view the schedule, or here to learn more about the speakers which include Jim Wideman, Michael Chanley, Yancy Richmond, Karl Bastian, Gina McClain and 11 other great CM leaders.

This is not some little church putting their volunteer preschool leader up there to talk to you about how to use a flannelgraph.  This is a quality conference that just happens to be so convenient you can go to it in your pajamas (or underwear if you are working from home).  It is all held through your telephone line (I wonder if that’s why they call it a telesummit?).

While this conference is held on a Monday and Tuesday from 9-5 ET, it is one that many office workers may find they are able to dial in and listen to from work.  Not sure that will work for me, but I am going to listen in as much as possible.

So, if you have ever missed a quality conference for the three reasons it usually happens to me, don’t miss CM Telesummit.