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Kidmin1124Today is the launch of a new blog designed specifically for those in volunteer or bivocational children’s ministries settings. Both of these have very specific needs and, as far as I know, this is the first blog of its kind. The name of the project is Kidmin1124. The blog is the brainchild of Wayne Stocks, who many know as Dad in the Middle. Wayne is a volunteer in his church’s children’s ministry, but he is also a widely read and respected voice in the children’s ministry world.

There are other authors included in the project including…wait for it…me. I have written a little here about the struggles of not only being in a small church in a small town, but also about working a second job on top of being a pastor. The articles I write for Kidmin1124 will deal specifically with the bivocational part of my life and will probably deal with things such as balancing family and work with the ministry, time management, and other issues that are directly related to my bivocational role.

This blog will continue to be my primary focus as far as writing goes, but I am also excited about the opportunity to be apart of Kidmin1124. I am looking forward to helping encourage those who are giving freely of themselves to children’s ministry.

So, hop on over to and check out the first post, “More Than ‘Just a Volunteer.’” Also, follow us on twitter: