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You’ve probably noticed, I always like to have a picture in each of my blogs.  I just think it is easier to read when there is more than just text on the page.  I’m not saying the picture always makes sense, but at least it’s there.  For a long time I used Google image search to find pictures.  Two problems with that are, you never know where the image is coming from and you never know what images are going to pop up.

I have discovered a better way to find images though, and it’s free.  I no longer use Google images for a majority of projects, both blog related and church related.  I get better quality and royalty free photos from Stock.xchng, which is located at

Their search option is pretty accurate.  If you don’t find a free photo you like, they also offer photos for a price in conjunction with, but the free photos usually suit my needs.

You know that my heart’s cry is quality ministry even in small places with small budgets.  This is one of the ways to make that happen, and it costs nothing.

Happy Friday!