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I have pretty well finished our promotional flyer for our upcoming summer outreach.  We do a three night “Kids’ Adventure.”  This is a very high energy, fast paced event and the kids in the area really look forward to it.  This year, we’ve added more prizes, more slime, and a better set (hopefully) than ever before!  All that is great, but it isn’t worth anything if nobody shows up.  So, tell me, what do you think of this flyer?  I really want honest opinions here, so don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings.  I know there are things that can be better, that’s why I’m asking you in the first place.

Some things to jump-start your brain.  What can I do in the middle to utilize some of that space?  A hot air balloon?  If I added some slime on a couple of the buildings in the skyline, would that look better or worse?  In just a minute, do you get the details you need to attend the event, or are they lost in everything else?  And if anyone from the church is reading this, I know the dates are wrong.  I’ll fix that in the final edit.

Thanks for the help!

Pastor Jared