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In the movie, Remember the Titans, there is a quote about leadership that I think is very profound.  “Attitude reflects leadership.”  I have seen this to be true in business, schools, families, and in ministry.  I caught another glimpse of it this weekend, in my own church.

Once a month, we do a family service in the evening and I have a major role in that service.  So, I had our kids’ service in the morning and our family service in the evening.  I put a lot of work into prepping for the weekend and slept very little the night before because there were some things I had to finish getting ready.  Besides being busy and tired, I was excited. 

After our morning service, I felt very good about the lesson and the service as a whole.  The kids were very engaged in the Bible story and they seem to have grasped the lesson.

Then, after the family service, we had a wonderful response.  Many people (in our church that means 3 or 4) said this was our best yet (out of 3).  I whole-heartedly agree with them.  Every element fell into place perfectly.  I was excited and that excitement had spilled into the volunteers and other participants in the service.  The message was easily the most engaging one I have done for these services.  It all started with my attitude as the leader.

I sometimes forget the power of my attitude to affect the way a service goes.  I was not necessarily more prepared than I have been in other weeks.  The Bible story was not more exciting than others.  It really boiled down to the level of excitement I brought to the table.

I guess the challenge for me and for you is to look at the attitude of those we are ministering to.  If their attitude stinks, who are we blaming?  Are we saying, I just wish those kids would get into the Bible lesson better, or are we asking how can I, as the leader, help the kids get into the lesson?