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It’s about to get real quiet on here.  Our largest kids’ outreach of the year starts this Sunday.  Then, next Sunday is our largest family outreach of the year.  These are intentionally back to back to maximize impact, but it creates a lot of work in a short time. 

After the outreaches are complete, I will be joining Wayne Stocks from Dad in the Middle for “Dark Week.”  This will be one week completely unplugged where I will avoid computer and TV except for work related and other absolutely necessary things.

During “Dark Week,” I hope to do some reading and a whole lot of writing.  I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head and they need to make it to paper (yes paper because I’m going dark, remember).

I may be able to get a couple of posts up before “Dark Week” but in case that doesn’t happen, I wanted you to know where I’ve been.  I will definitely be posting my thoughts on our outreaches, success and failures, once things slow down a little.

Thanks for being a reader.  And now, I guess I should end this ridiculously long post on why I’m not going to be posting.

Serving Him together,

Pastor Jared