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Children's Ministry TalkI’ve been following today’s resource for a while now and I find it to be very helpful and insightful. Children’s Ministry Talk is a weekly (usually) kidmin podcast produced by Jason Rhode and Dick Gruber. In each podcast they discuss questions sent to them by their listeners.  Also, there are a number of resources I have found because they were talked about on CM talk. 

The podcasts are fairly short, usually about 20 minutes, which means you could easily listen to one during a short commute or even while you eat your breakfast.

My connections with these guys is pretty limited, but I did go to the same university as Jason and the first kidmin book I ever owned was Children’s Church: Turning Your Circus into a Service by Dick and I also worked in the children’s ministry at one of his former churches. (This whole paragraph really has nothing to do with anything. I’m just name dropping.)

Dick Gruber was chosen by Children’s Ministry Magazine as one of the top 20 influencers in children’s ministry.  According CM talk’s website, he also

is co-founder and one of the original online instructors and course content developers for Children’s Ministries University Online, teaching a wide variety of courses and serving as program co-director. As the Children’s Ministries Specialist at Valley Forge Christian College, Dick has developed a Bachelor’s Degree program in Children’s Ministries and is training young people to be children’s pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. He also travels nation-wide speaking in children’s ministries training events. Dick is a husband, father, pastor, professor, author, poet, composer, and artist. He has illustrated over twenty discipleship booklets for children as well as produced numerous Scripture picture Bible memory helps for Sunday School teachers.

You can find out more about Dick on his website  You can follow Dick on twitter as well

According to their website, Jason Rhode

is co-founder of CMUO and serves as the instructional designer, course developer, and co-director. He has been involved in children’s ministries for over 15 years in a variety of volunteer and full-time positions, including the Director of Children’s Ministries at Christian Life Fellowship, Port Edwards, WI for nearly 5 years. He oversaw all ministries to children ages birth thru sixth grade and parents at CLF, which included over 250 children and 150 volunteers. As an educator, Jason actively shares his children’s ministry resources and various FREE children’s ministry training resources at

You can follow Jason on twitter

Head on over to or just click the link at the right side of this blog, the one that says Children’s Ministry Talk.  I encourage you also to ask questions of these guys as the questions usually provide the bulk of the material for each episode, so you actually make the podcast better by participating.

As a final thought, this would also be a great tool to put in the hands of your volunteers and other leaders.  It’s short and free, so you are not putting that much extra on their shoulders but you are providing them with weekly, quality training.