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Close this windowAt the same time I received a set of God’s Kids Worship CDs to review, I also received a set of their modern worship DVDs.  The music is essentially the same, all kids voices, great songs selection, fun and engaging original songs, and high quality production.  Since my review of the CDs, I learned more of the rationale for using all kids’ voices.  You can read more in this article by Bob Singleton from Children’s Ministry Magazine.  Since I have already reviewed the musical component, I will stick more to other features of the materials.

What I liked about them:

As far as quality goes, you will be hard pressed to find a higher quality kids’ worship DVD.  I am a major advocate of quality products.  Most of the time, I’d rather not do something at all than to do it poorly.  The DVDs come in a space efficient packaging and it looks nice as well.

The videos themselves are well made and the lyrics are clearly visible.  The backgrounds, as far as I can tell, are not overly distracting as is sometimes the case.  They aid in engaging the audience without pulling the focus.

The DVDs are organized.  Each DVD is designed to be one month of worship music for your kids’ ministry.  Preselected worship sets are provided to make it as simple as clicking one button for your entire worship that day.  For those who like more flexibility and control (like me), you can also choose each song individually.

The songs are categorized.  The individual songs are labeled fast, medium, or slow.  I find this to be very helpful.

Included on each DVD are two great countdowns.  Each DVD contains a calm and a high energy five-minute countdown.  I have used the countdowns multiple times and the kids seem to enjoy them.

What I wasn’t crazy about:

The cost of a full year would be pretty stressful on most small ministry budgets at around $200, but the cost of a quarter (three months) might be more reasonable at around $50.  This is not to say that these DVDs are not worth that, because they are, just that I know that our church would not be able to invest that much in one shot for kids’ worship and I figure that many of you are in the same boat.

Outside of the price, these DVDs are solid.

Final thoughts:

These DVDs would be a great asset to any children’s ministry, especially one that has few or even a single leader.  A leader would need almost no experience (only enough to run a simple DVD menu) and no musical talent to lead kids in worship using these DVDs. 

I, personally, have never used the preselected worship sets in any setting beyond previewing them.  In our setting, four songs is just too many, but that is one of the great things about these DVDs.  If you want to use the preselected sets, it’s easy.  If you want to pick and choose, that’s easy too.

If cost is a factor, and I recognize it is a strong possibility, I recommend looking into purchasing the DVDs on a quarterly basis (you save a little by buying the whole year, but not enough to make it a bad idea to buy one at a time).  I also recommend that you consider some sort of fundraiser.  These DVDs are worth it to anyone looking for quality worship.

If you’re curious still about these DVDs, you can see how they work in this preview video.  You can also preview some excerpts of the songs in this video.  Or check out their website at

*Disclaimer: I was provided one quarter of the DVDs to review, but did not allow that to impact my review of these materials.