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I’m a dad of one amazing little boy.  I LOVE being a father, but some days I feel like I’m not that good at it.  I don’t think I’m bad, I just could be better.  I recognize that I need all the help I can get.  I found All Pro Dad a few weeks ago and it has some great resources for free.  I personally enjoy the daily “Play of the Day” emails.

The site has a “Free Resources” section that is very beneficial.  My son is too young to benefit now, but the family time suggestions and cards you can download are AWESOME.  They also have some great top 10 lists.  Within the “Free Resources” section are hundreds of articles dealing with fatherhood, including articles to strengthen your marriage, dads and adult children, dads and teens.  Honestly, if it has to do with fatherhood, this site probably has something for it.

If you are going to be a great leader in your church, you need to learn how to lead your home.  My child is more important than any other child I will ever minister to.  Are you not a father?  That’s okay, use this resource to inspire the fathers of the kids in your church.  This is a resource designed for every father out there.

All Pro Dad is a program that is was started in part by Former NFL coach Tony Dungy.  I have personally been a fan of Tony since I was in sixth grade, the year I became a Buccaneers fan (what was I thinking?).  Since then, I have followed his victories and his defeats and I have grown to admire him even more.  Just the fact that he is involved may help some dads become a part that wouldn’t otherwise be interested in such a site.

Take some time today and check out All Pro Dad.  Also, check out its partner site, IMom.

*Update: My wife has written an excellent post on iMom.  Go here to view it.