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Y-MegaphonePreReleaseCoverOkay, I’m gonna just get out there and confess this right up front.  Up until this past week, I had never actually listened to Yancy’s music.  Truth be told, I had not even heard of her until about six months ago when I started using twitter. 

Well, Yancy has a new fan and his name is Jared (that’s me, by the way).  The first song I heard by Yancy was a single, “Make It Loud,” from her new album that she is giving away for free here.  You need a twitter account to get the download, but if you don’t have one, it would be worth your while to start one just to get the download. 

So, there’s your free resource, a free Yancy track, just to wet your whistle.  But if you find yourself liking her single, go ahead and head into her website where you can listen to the whole album, Stars, Guitars, and Megaphone Dreams, also for free (just to listen, not to download).

While I had never heard Yancy’s actual music, I have heard he speak about her heart for worship in all ages.  Her music reflects that heart as she creates music that spans generations and is VERY biblically based.  As for Yancy’s personal character, she is a great role model for young girls to look up to and we don’t have to worry about her pulling a Miley on us.

I totally recommend you downloading her free single, listening to her album online, and even browsing around and buying something if you’re interested.  There are also some blogs out there that are giving away a copy of the DVD/CD combo.  Most of them are ending today, so you better get out there and register to win.

Matt McKee (giveaway ends today, 11/5)

Sam Luce (no end date, but I’m hoping he picks a winner before 12/21/2012)

Wayne Stocks (giveaway ends today, 11/5)

Jim Wideman (giveaway ends today, 11/5)  Did I mention that Jim is Yancy’s dad?  Pretty cool, huh?

Keith Tusing (no end date listed, so register quickly so you don’t miss out)

 Justyn Smith (giveaway ends today, 11/5)