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Have you heard about  If you haven’t, how in the world are you doing ministry in a small church?  Ministry to Children (MTC) is a ministry blog started by Tony Kummer.  The site features an abundance of resources, all of which are free.  Some of the resources included are coloring sheets, lesson ideas, podcasts, and product reviews.  There is also never a shortage of thought-provoking articles from a variety of children’s ministry writers.

Another thing offered for free at MTC is the forum section.  Have a question that you really want the input of the kidmin community?  Ask it in the forums and you will quickly get a response. 

If you are doing ministry in a small church setting or even in a larger church setting, you should make MTC one of your regular stops.  There are so many valuable resources you really have to just see it for yourself.  I visit the site a couple of times a week just for the articles and the podcasts.

One word of caution, there is so much information available, the site can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate.  Using the index page will really help with locating what you’re looking for quickly.

Serving Him together,