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While I have committed to bringing you the best of free kids’ ministry resources from across the web, I could not pass up the opportunity today to tell you about one that is not free but is such a good deal it might as well be.  I will return next Friday with a really free resource.

Today’s resource is valued at over $1,112 but is being made available for only $97.  That’s right, only $97.  It is at this moment that many of you have looked at the screen and shouted, “Wow! That’s a low price.”  And you’d be right.

You can view and order the deal at  It started at noon EST today and only runs for 144 hours until noon EST on January 20.  This is really one of the best deals I have ever seen on kids’ ministry resources.

I know that budgets are tight everywhere and I know that for some small churches $97 may represent a large portion of the amount you spend on kids’ ministry in a year.  I’m telling you, that this value is still worth it.  Again, go to to see all of the offerings, but included in it is curriculums, videos, graphics, and more.