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I am a huge advocate for the family.  I never get tired of telling people in ministry that their family comes first, right after their relationship with God.  That being said, I want to encourage you and help you as you minister not only to your community, but to your family.

There are many things that you can do to improve the state of your family and to improve your relationship with your family.  One of those things is bragging on them, specifically in the privacy of your own home.

You need to tell your spouse constantly how much you appreciate them.  They need to know that what they do with you and for you is valuable.  We send gifts and cards to our volunteers, but when was the last time you sent your spouse a thank you card through the mail?

The same is true of your children.  My little boy is only a year old, yet I am constantly telling him I am proud of him.  Why?  Because I want him growing knowing that even the littlest things, like eating a carrot or being good in the bath are important to me.  He is my son and I am proud of that fact alone, so whatever else he does only serves to remind me of that fact.

When no one is around and you tell your spouse or your child they have value, they know that you are not just saying it for show.  You mean it for real.  I still get excited when my mom or dad tells me they are proud of me.  And there is no greater sound in the world than to hear those words from my wife.  So, if you don’t already do this, be intentional this week about telling your spouse and/or your children that you are proud of them.  Do it when they least expect it.