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Last week, I talked about the importance of bragging on your family in the privacy of your own home.  It tells them that they are valuable to you because you have nothing to gain by doing so.  Besides bragging on them in privacy, brag on them in public.  When done properly, it doesn’t come across as braggy, but as something genuine and authentic.

This is something I can be really good at…and other times I can be really bad at.  Sometimes, I have the tendency to make jokes at my wife’s expense.  On the flip side, I can’t talk about her for more than a few seconds without saying how wonderful she is.  I do my very best to recognize her publicly for the work she does. 

During our Christmas musical she did a lot of work getting things ready behind the scenes.  She was also responsible for ordering the roses that we give to those who help.  In her own humility, she didn’t order a rose for herself.  I made a special point to contact the florist and get one extra rose.  I couldn’t believe how much it meant to her. 

With our kids, this is just as important.  Make sure you brag on your kids when you’re around others.  It’s easier for me now, because my son is at major milestones, learning to walk and talk and beatbox (the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen).  I am already intentional about bragging on him so that, hopefully, I will do it when he is older.  I want him to know that I don’t care what other people think, I’m proud of him because he is my son.

One final word on this matter.  I have been on the receiving end of a father who uses personal stories about his kids during sermons.  Be cautious when doing this and always ask your kid’s permission before doing so.  Even good stories can be embarrassing.  I had a professor who said he paid his kids a few dollars for every story he used of them in sermons.  I like this idea and may implement it with my own kids someday.  Whether I pay them or not, I will definitely clear it by them first.