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What is it worth to you to hear Reggie Joiner, Sue Miller, Carey Nieuwhof, and Stuart Hall all talk about the Orange Strategy?  The Orange Tour has been traveling the country doing just that for thousands of leaders across the country.  Now, they are bringing many of those same sessions right to your office or living room.

On Tuesday, February 15, those four leaders will be broadcasting the Orange Tour webcast.  The webcast is a one day event that features some of the key sessions from the Orange Tour.  Not only that, but I have worked hard to get them to agree to let all Small Town Kidmin readers view the webcast for free.  (Truthfully, the entire webcast will be free to anyone and I didn’t even have to ask.)

For all of the information, go to  You can also sign up to receive email notifications as more details become available. 

This is really a great opportunity for all of us in children or youth ministry, but especially those of us in rural America.  I strongly urge you to try to make arrangements to watch the webcast and even see if you can get your pastor and/or student director to watch it with you.