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Gray 300 x 250 2Maybe we’re not quite there yet, but our church is working towards a strategy that successfully leverages the influences of both church and family to help reach the world for Christ.  In its simplest form, that is what I understand the orange strategy to be.  If I’m wrong, I guess I’ll learn that when I watch the free Orange Tour Webcast next Tuesday.  Are you going to join me?

I’ve also discovered that a variety of authors will be writing about the orange strategy this week.  I will be joining them, though unofficially, and will also be offering some of my thoughts on both the orange strategy and the upcoming Orange Conference.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join me at the Orange Conference April 27-29.  I’m looking forward to sharing the experience, both the twelve-hour drive and the conference, with my senior pastor.  I’d also love to meet up with as many kidmin peeps as I can.  I’m especially interested to hear how some of you in smaller and/or rural churches are successfully implementing a comprehensive orange strategy into you ministries.  You can register for Orange by clicking the banner ad on the side or the one within this post (for the record, I do not receive any compensation from them for that ad).  If you register by February 17, you save $30 per person and receive $50 Orange credit, up to $200.