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This post is part of the Family Experience in a Small Church series and also fits nicely into my Orange week posts.  To get up to speed on the Family Experiences, visit the introduction post as well as the post about the welcome.

Following our the Welcome skit with our comic host interaction, we have family friendly worship.  We always choose high energy, action focused songs for this section.  In fact, I usually get a pretty good workout here and have often thought about doing a kidmin aerobics video series. 🙂

One of the key reasons we decided to begin doing the family services was the desire to create shared worship experiences.  It is the desire of our church leadership to see kids, teens, parents, and the older generations worshipping together.  While the family experience is not the end-all for creating that environment, it is a step in the right direction.  We encourage everyone, young and old, to participate in the worship including singing and doing the actions (dancing when necessary).  We do not get 100% participation, but we get a pretty high percentage and I’m happy with it.  It is so fun to see reserved parents, goofy kids and their teenage siblings, and 80-year-old ladies all trying to keep up to Hillsong’s “One Way.”

While the worship time is certainly fun, I am careful to point out that fun is not the goal, but is part of the process.  I do this by asking this question.  “Why do we sing songs at church? a) because it’s fun, b) to worship God, or c) because it’s fun to worship God.  Sometimes I throw in an off the wall option c to keep them on their toes.

We use DVDs from a variety of publishers to maximize our worship experience.  I like DVDs because they require fewer people to operate than a live band, the sound quality is drastically better than our church worship band, and the words are automatically synced to the music.  I don’t have the awkward moment when the sound guy forgets to advance the slide and everyone stops singing.  We mix and match songs primarily from, Hillsong Kids, God’s Kids Worship, and Brent Weber.