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This week’s free resource post is a quick one with some old and some new resources.  I’m sticking with this week’s Orange theme.  By the way, did you know that if you register for the Orange Conference before February 17, you get $30 off plus an additional $50 credit?  Click the in post picture to be directed to their site.

First of all, just a reminder about next week’s free Orange Tour Webcast.  If at all possible, you will definitely want to tune it for that on Tuesday, February 15.  Details are here.

Secondly, Orange is still offering a free three-month trial of their curriculum.  If you’ve never tried 252 Basics (or one of their other options), you really have nothing to lose.  Details for that are here.

Third, if you already use 252 Basics or First Look, you are going to want to make sure you visit Dan Scott’s blog each month to check out his virtue and bottom line slides as an alternative to the ones provided in the curriculum.  I don’t always use his, but they are always great and save me much valued time designing my own (not to mention the fact that Dan and his team are extremely creative and I’m…well…not).

And finally, an online resource.  If you are a parent or know any parents, you should head over to  It is an excellent blog by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof and I’m constantly challenged and encouraged by what they write.  There are also parenting resources like videos and podcasts to listen for yourself and share with other parents in your ministry.  Sometimes the church gets so focused on the yellow, we forget that we also need the red to make orange.  This site helps me keep some perspective.

Happy Friday!