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This past Sunday I was talking to the kids about kindness and seeing people the way God sees them.  I challenged the kids to do one act of kindness this week by saying something kind.  I went further and asked them specifically to tell their lunch lady that they appreciate them.  Some of the kids were less than thrilled about this little challenge.  Then, before I could catch myself, words flew out of my mouth that I immediately wished I could take back.

I work for a bank during the week and I love my job.  I really, truly do.  However, there is a huge distance between the guy at the top and myself way down towards the bottom.  I don’t always get where he’s coming from and he doesn’t even know who I am.  That’s the way companies work, right?  Well, lately I’ve been especially critical.  As I was talking to the kids, I blurted out that I would right him an appreciation letter.  My wife shot me a glance like, “I can’t believe you just said you’d do that.”

I have yet to write the letter, but I will.  But the thing I have noticed is that since I have had to try to put on paper words of appreciation, I’ve come to appreciate him more.  I still don’t always agree with everything, but I’m not able to see the whole picture and he is.  I have to trust that he knows what is best for our company, especially since his family has been in banking for over a hundred years and my family has not.  Especially since God put Him in a position of authority.  Especially since, above all, he is God’s workmanship and he is valuable to God.  Every time I complain about him, I’m complaining about one of God’s children.

So, my simple act of kindness may or may not change him.  But it has changed me.  And for that, I am truly grateful.