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I was recently given a copy of the Read and Share Bible to review.  The Read and Share Bible is published by Thomas Nelson publishers.  The Read and Share Bible has over 200 Bible stories.  I think the Bible is appropriate for toddlers through early elementary age.

What I liked about it:

The artwork.  It’s cute and just about right for a toddler.  Each illustration is brightly colored and I actually liked the illustrator’s style.  It’s definitely a unique style, but it works.

I love that each story is short and concise.  My boy is still pretty young, and it is hard to get him to sit for long.  The stories are short enough that he’ll sit for at least one, before he turns the page or runs off to get another book or a toy.

At the end of each story is a discussion starter.  These are short little questions that can be asked of your child to further discussion of the story.  This is just another way to get your kids interacting with the Bible.

The variety of stories is also good.  There are many stories included in this Bible that are not commonly included in story Bibles.

What I didn’t care for:

Some of the discussion starters are probably a little advanced for the age group that would most likely benefit from this Bible.

The stories are so short that sometimes the fullness of the story is lost, but I think that is probably to be expected in a book for young children.

Final thoughts:

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone with a young child.  The discussion starters set it apart from any Bible I’ve ever seen for that age group.  If you’d like to see some samples of the Bible for yourself, I encourage you to check out Thomas Nelson Kids Facebook page and click Read & Share on the side.  Or you can click here to view an excerpt.

The Bible is available on or it looks like it is a little cheaper on Amazon.

*Disclaimer-I did receive a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers to review on this blog.  However, I worked very hard to maintain objectivity in this review.