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The kids’ ministry community is an ever-evolving collaboration of ideas and strategies.  Sometimes, these ideas are copied identically from the source and implemented into another setting.  Other times the ideas are reinvented in such ways that the original and the finished product do not even resemble one another.  Some of these ideas are sold at a premium while others are given freely.  I like that about our community.

However, I inadvertently missed giving proper credit for an idea I had (stole) recently, and I felt it was only fair to do so.  In the many times I wrote Tuesday’s article in my head, the due credit was given.  When it got to the page…oops.  In the article about doing a family experience in a small church, I said,

Then, I called my wife and had her run by the store and buy a cheap plunger (less than five bucks).  We spray painted it gold and we had our trophy.  When I first thought about the games, I thought it might be a one-time deal.  By the time I had the plunger idea, I realized this may be a permanent solution.

And now for the addition.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that the idea to make a golden plunger was not an original idea, but was actually heavily influenced by a blog post I had read a couple weeks prior.  The idea was from Sam Luce who uses the golden plunger trophy at their kids’ camp.

The original article has been updated accordingly.