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Last year, Tony Kummer at Ministry-to-children started the Kidmin Blog Madness competition.  It’s a fun way to get exposure to some exciting kidmin blogs, as well as reward the ones that have benefitted you the most.  The competition is bracket style a la March Madness and there are currently four divisions with seventeen blogs in each.  In round one, you can vote for up to four blogs in each division.  The top four blogs from each division advance to round two.

Now, I’m not going to tell you who you should vote for, but you should definitely vote for Kidmin1124 in the West Regional.  And if you really want to support this blog, some of our authors have personal blogs listed as well and you might want to vote for them too.

Commander Bill Gunther is in the East Regional.

Wayne Stock’s blog, Dad in the Middle, is in the East Regional.

Lindsey Whitney’s blog, Growing Kids’ Ministry, is in the Southwest Regional.

Jared’s blog, Small Town Kidmin, is in the Southwest Regional

Happy Voting!