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In today’s market, there are some fabulous curriculum publishers who are really starting to stretch what it means to purchase a curriculum.  Curriculums are more customizable than ever and come with some amazing resources right out of the box.  I’ve tried writing my own curriculum each week and I must say that one of the best investments I ever made was purchasing a curriculum and using my time to customize it versus starting from scratch.

However, there is a strong case that can be made for curriculum that is created by children’s pastors who are in the trenches right now, especially when those pastors are experts in the field and are up to date on current trends and strategies.  That is why I am especially excited about today’s free resource.

When I originally heard that Sam Luce, Dan Scott, Gina Mcclain, and Jonathan Cliff were collaborating on an Easter curriculum, I eagerly awaited hearing what would come from such a collaboration.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear that they were making the fruit of their labors available to anyone for the low, low price of free.

I’ve not gotten through all of the lessons, but I have checked out at least one of each part which includes small groups sessions, a large group session (with video or character interaction), and a parent take home sheet.  My first impression is pretty great.  Everything reads like a professional curriculum.  The take-home sheets are maybe a little long, but the PDFs look like something worth sending home, meaning they have a quality look about them.  The activities included for the family to do are also pretty fun.

The curriculum itself is a Word™ document so that it is easy to customize for your specific environment.  Since it is a Word™ document, the look of the curriculum isn’t as sharp as some professional companies, but in my opinion, formatting it would have been a real waste of time as the congregation doesn’t see that part anyway.  However, the content (the stuff that matters) is well thought out, in both the large group and small group parts.

In order to really get the mission and passion behind the curriculum you’ll want to check out each of these links.  You only need to fill out the form to download the curriculum once.  It is available on each of the contributors sites.

Sam Luce talks about WHY they developed this curriculum.

Sam Luce talks about HOW they developed this curriculum.

Sam Luce shares his final thoughts about the curriculum and the process.

Jonathan Cliff (who did the small group parts) shares his thoughts and the link to download the free curriculum.

Dan Scott  (who worked on the large group parts) shares his thoughts and the link to download the free curriculum.  He also went ahead and taped the large group video segments and will make those available for download. *UPDATE: Videos are now available and included in the download.*

Gina McClain (who worked with her team to develop the take-home sheets) shares her thoughts about the curriculum, the process, and shares a link for download.