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A while back, Greg Baird and Kidmin360 ran a series of posts from a variety of authors all answering this question, “what is the future of children’s ministry.”  Here’s a little hint, robots.  The original series included articles from Karl Bastian, Rick Chromey, Jonathan Cliff, Amy Dolan, Matt Guevara, Tina HouserDale HudsonMike JohnsonTony Kummer, Sam Luce, Gina McClainMatt McKeeTodd McKeeverLarry Shallenberger, Justyn Smith, Gordon & Becki West, and Henry Zonio.  Needless to say, that’s a pretty impressive list.  I took the time to link to each of these writers because they all write excellent stuff and I hope that you will take the time to check them out.

Now, all of those articles have been compiled into a stylish e-book called The Future of Children’s Ministry.  As an added benefit, included in the e-book version are never before published articles by Michael Chanley, Greg Baird, Amy Fenton Lee, Roger Fields, and Tim Shiels.

You should download the e-book and take some time to read through it.  If you head over to the Kidology leadership forums, you can join the discussions on each of the articles.  You should also become a fan of kidmin360 on Facebook.  And in the comment section below, tell me briefly what YOU think is in store for the future of children’s ministry.