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At the end of this week, we will have reached the one hundred day mark.  This is a good point to evaluate your level of success so far and whether or not you are on board to make it through the year.  For some, this may be a good point to join us in reading through the Bible this year.  We are nearing the point where the Chronological plan is really going to come into play.  Once we enter the reign of the kings, we will get to jump around and that is one thing I have most looked forward to with this plan.

Monday (April 4, 2011)

  • Judges 13-15

Tuesday (April 5, 2011)

  • Judges 16-18

Wednesday (April 6, 2011)

  • Judges 19-21

Thursday (April 7, 2011)

  • Ruth 1-4

Friday (April 8, 2011)

  • 1 Samuel 1-3

Saturday (April 9, 2011)

  • 1 Samuel 4-8

Sunday (April 10, 2011)

  • 1 Samuel 9-12